Diabetes Management Centre was founded by Dr. Salwa Shahbal and opened its doors in July 2017.

We are located on 5th floor of doctors park, 3rd parklands avenue Nairobi.

Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to the care of diabetes patients with a focus in prevention. 

Our vision is to be the Centre of excellence in diabetes care in Africa. 

Dr.Salwa Shahbal is passionate about diabetes management and more so prevention. She holds a bachelors degree in medicine from the University of Nairobi, a Masters in Science degree in International Management, where she sub specialized in health service management. She later on enrolled with Cardiff University for her masters in Diabetes degree. She has vast experience in medicine, having worked both in the public and private sectors. She started and run the diabetes clinic at Avenue healthcare Mombasa, before moving onto Nairobi to finish her studies. 

Her passion for diabetes and the care for such patients drove her to open up a facility at an early age, with the main aim of increasing accessibility of specialized care in diabetes in the country. Her key focus is in prevention in order to reduce the burdens of diabetes for the general population. 

The facility is equipped with the latest technologies in management of diabetes such as insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. We also have total body analysis machines that help determine amount of fat and water in the body, give percentage of muscle and also age of internal organs in comparison to physical age, this helps in carving out individualized lifestyle improvement plans such as diet and exercise routines. The clinic has foot analysis machines which are able to determine sensation of the feet in order to pick out high risk patients that need specialized podiatry services to prevent diabetes foot amputation among our patients.